We offer comprehensive, easy-to-understand &practical health talks (see below or see attached *if you create a pdf attachment) to promote and inform the public on the health care &self-healing based on the theories & ideas of traditional Chinese medicine.We will deliver topic ranging from general healthy eating, disease prevention& TCM ideas ,etc.

We visit all kinds of organisations across all districts to conduct health talks. Nonetheless, we can also tailor made the content according to your needs and target group. For organisations which would like to invite our professional speakers to conduct health talks, please contact us 26985422 / 60977363 for further discussion.

Immune Health – Earn More & Spend Less

“Zhengqi” means the vital & healthy qi movement in our body in the TCM theory. It’s one of the signature factors towards our body recovery. We will share with you how to "Earn More Zhengqi & Spend Less"!

Powerful Ear Acupressure Points

Acupressure points for laughing, crying  & being dumb? It sounds unreal and only appears in fictions. What about learning some ear acupressure points for self-healing? You will find it amazing!

Neck & Shoulder Pain Prevention & Treatment

Over 50% of working people have neck & shoulder pain and it affects our quality of life. We will teach you the simple & basic stretching exercises based on the TCM theory to prevent and tackle the problem.

Types of Physique in TCM Theories

Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide fundamental solutions to diseases. As long as you understand the type of physique you are and regulate your body accordingly, happy & healthy life is no longer a dream!

Flu & Cold Prevention

Frequently get cold & flu? Try our surprising ways to prevent flu & cold.

7 Health Crises in Workplace

“Getting Sick always” becomes a common situation among working people. In addition to stress, the workplace is also a key problem we need to pay attention to. You will understand the crises in workplace and the solutions to avoid getting sick at all during the talk.

Recovering from Tiredness & Burnout

Always feel tried & sleepy after lunch and don’t want a cup of coffee? The TCM could help &  No caffeine intake required!

Practical Pediatric Tui-Na

Tui-Na is an attractive option for treating children compared with medication intake because it is so gentle and induces no side effects. Parents can learn some simple basics for disease relief and prevention for their children.

Coping with Cough

Air pollution in Hong Kong is getting worse now and it’s one of the main causes of chronic cough. Try to cope with it by regulating your daily eating, habits, environmental setting ,etc, you will then experience differences for sure!

Emotion & Stress Relief

Long-term psychological stress may cause some physical problems & diseases. In the TCM perspectives, there are some healthy and easy-to-follow solutions to cope with stress.

Cold Intolerance: Causes & Way-outs

If you have cold hands & feet, "Air-con intolerance" and are easy to get cold, it’s  possibly caused by deficiency-cold. We provide the daily solution you can do to relieve the symptoms.

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