We offers home visit service to patients with special needs of consultation  and treatment. You can request a home visit from us, for further details, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The pre-packed concentrated Chinese medicine granules will be delivered straight to your door in 2 days after the consultation & prescription was made.


Our professional Chinese practitioners will prepare and bring along the special tools for acupuncture to your home. All you need to prepare is just a comfortable bed for yourself for treatment.

The common diseases require special care and home visits are as below:


After hospital discharge, the patients after stroke will then enter to the PRIME period of recovery. The long-term rehabilitation by using Chinese medicine &treatments are highly recommended. In addition, acupuncture has obvious and positive effects on body rehabilitation including movement, speaking, deglutition, etc. It also helps on patients’ stability of blood pressure and sequcelaeprevention.

The Elderly Diseases

We recommend our home visit service to our elderly patients due to their lack of mobility and general health condition. Furthermore, we provide to patients the reliable, convenient and instant concentrated Chinese medicine granules so as to make life much easier.

Different Types of Pain

Gout, sprain or strain patients are hard to walk, or even work and go to clinics. Our professional practitioners can visit your home and will provide treatments including acupuncture and herbal dressing so as to speed up your recovery.