Auto-Moxibustion Therapy 2021

Date:19.7.2021 – 21.8.2021

Price: $720 / 4 times in weekly basis* (early-bird $680 before 10.7.2021)

*Reservation required

What is Auto-MoxibustionTherapy?

Auto-Moxibustion Therapy is a traditional therapy based on the theories of Chinese Medicine.  Patches of Chinese medicine are applied to stimulate particular acupoints.   it can enhance Yang-qi and balance the Yin-Yang in human body so as to increase human’s body strength and aim at preventing and curing diseases. The therapy will take place on specific dates and you can remove the patches from your body after 1-2 hours.

Who is suitable to take Auto-MoxibustionTherapy?

Auto-Moxibustion Therapy is mostly suitable for people who are prone to poor Qi and blood circulation with asthenic cold body type. If you are affected by asthma, nasal allergies, weak body & easy cold or have the symptoms of allergy or cold hands & feet, please consult with your Chinese practitioner to consider if it suits you.

Where should I apply the herbal patches?

In fact, the acupoint is the entrance that energy flows through our bodies. Our practitioners will apply the herbal patches onto designated acupoints which are mainly on your back or feet in order to stimulate and regulate the meridians and collaterals system according to your constitution.

When should we take Auto-MoxibustionTherapy ?

Solar term really matters! According to the minor solar terms in the Chinese Traditional Calendar, the days between “Moderate Heat” & “Autumn Commences” are the hottest days in summer.  The Yang-qi flourishes in summer months, so applying the herbal patches can reinforce our body Qi and Yang-qi performance.

What are the ingredients of the herbal patch?

Auto-Moxibustion Therapy works on the smooth flow of the Qi in our meridian. The herbal patch are made of White Mustard Seed , Asarum and other herbs which in nature can warm and smooth the meridian.

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