Words from the Founders - Dr. LEUNG Chung-Wai

“I’m afraid of getting sick!”

There was a time I had cancer phobia when I was in secondary school. I had been reading lots of books about health preservation which enabled me to memorize the tips of healthy eating thoroughly such as drinking milk or eating ginger and garlic more often. But sadly I used to catch the flu and cold, suffer from stomache that made me in pain and fear.

Therefore, I was determined to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner lest to get sick anymore. Fortunately, I had a chance to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and encountered my wife and life-long partner who was also a TCM student at that time. After graduated, we hope to share our experiences and motivational stories about being strong to those who now suffer from different kinds of diseases. We later founded Eden TCM Clinic to spread our vision out to the community.

Why our clinic is called “Eden TCM Clinic”? Is it related to “The Garden of Eden” in the Bible? Surely yes and it in fact connects with a deeper meaning as follows,

During the studies of TCM, I learnt that “The Key to healing relates to the characteristic of Round Sky”. In Metaphysical Philosophy perspective, “Round Sky & Square Earth” is a concept and “Round Sky” is originally taken from the Ancients’ first notion of “Sky”.

1. “Round Sky” is endlessly moving.

The movement of sky is full of power. All the creations in the world are moving as well as the qi-blood in our bodies. Therefore, all kinds are endlessly moving and changing. Besides, the similar notions were being mentioned in the book The Plain Questions of the Yellow Emperor s Classic of Internal Medicine, says “the qi (energy) on earth is moving and changing, and it forms all the creatures on earth.” and the Bible says “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” and “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

Similarly, some TCM practitioners stated that TCM is a “Round Movement” in which the internal organs and qi-blood circulation of our bodies cannot well-function without the characteristic of “Round”. That’s the key to healing. Therefore, we emphasize the rule of “movement” when we treat and heal.

2. “Round Sky” connects to 3-levels reconciliation.

In TCM theory, the organ discords may cause diseases. For example, if your liver and spleen is in conflict, you would have the problem in digestion. Thus, we mainly tackle the conflict between the liver and spleen. To conclude, when the qi-blood among the internal organs is well-functioned, we call it “The Reconciliation of Self”.

Furthermore, it’s important that one self and the earth are reconciled. But how? To be simple, how we eat and live should be wise in accordance to the seasons on earth. Each kind of herb and food bring along with the message from the earth. For example, the herb in warm nature can be used as a medicine to tackle the cold disease. That’s why we protect the positive energy (Yang-qi) in our body in winter. In fact, there’s none of the healthy food is absolutely good or bad. Instead, the key is that how its nature and the message inside to help you connect to the earth.

Ultimately, we have to reconcile with our God. Many are heartily blind and unable to see the unseen due to the heart of darkness. It constrains us from truly seeing ourselves, the others and the world. To take out the darkness, we need to believe that the cross of Christ is the salvation.

3. “Sky Movement” generates confidences.

“Round Sky & Square Earth” implies that we have limitation on earth but we are unlimited in the sky/heaven because we receive confidences from our God.

Christianity helps us as human beings to be faithful living on earth with limitations because our God is unlimited. He has power to heal and we are possible to get healed once we put down our limitations in our eyes, the healing will come at his time.

Therefore, let’s be faithful to the “Round Sky” and ready tp experience the healing from God.

Welcome to Eden TCM Clinic!

Best wishes,
Dr. Leung Chun-wai